Camilo Neira

Carlos García

  • Economist – Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá-Colombia
  • Master in Finance and Investment Management, City University Cass Business School, London, UK
  • 2 years experience in the banking sector in Colombia
  • 4 years experience in the stock market and investment banking sector in Colombia
  • 10 years experience in the real sector and business consultancy
  • 2 years experience as a university teacher in finance and international capital markets
  • Industrial engineer New York Tech University
  • 3 years experience in the stock market sector in Colombia
  • 13 years experience in the stock market sector in the US, with operations with stocks, etfs, stock indices, index futuers, derivatives, for propietary position and for customers
  • 3 years experience in the development and implemenation of algorithmic, automated trading systems for quantitative trading.
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