Financial consultancy in international investments:

  • Asset management
  • Alm – asset and liability management and capital restructuring
  • Portfolio management
  • Investment management

Financial consultancy in foreign exchange exposure

  • Foreign exchange management for colombian companies with international presence and operation
  • Foreign exchange management for international companies with presence and operation in Colombia

With presence in the international marketplace, we perform corporate capital raising and simultaneous investment opportunities seeking for individual and institutional domestic and international investors. These opportunities are found in several business sectors including information and technology, natural resources like gas and oil, microcredit, real estate, among many others.

With a direct and/or indirect approach to the investment community based on ongoing strategic alliances and relations, we have access to main market participants, including private equity funds, venture capital funds, seed capital funds, rescue or angel capital funds or investors. We permanently provide them with strategic interesting investment and asset allocation opportunities, via equity or debt.


Capital raising and business structuring for new companies and entrepreneurships.


Capital rasing for small companies that are seeking for growth capital


Capital raising for companies with an active operation that are already in a capital value generating phase, and need fresh resources for the long run consolidation of their operation

Companies seeking working capital for growth and consolidation processes.

Companies seeking for capital to be able to accomplish a strategic presence in a merger/acquisition process.

Companies looking for capital to take advantage of a key strategic sector or market opportunity.

Personal access to professional (not web-based) cost-efficient trading platforms for the negotiation of a broad variety of financial instruments like stocks, bonds, etfs, stock indices, index futures and options, forex.

Financial intermediation as introducing brokers of several international broker dealers.

Privileged access to successful, track-proven automated quantitative trading solutions that use algorithmic trading systems with efficient risk/return and capital optimization strategies.